Friday, March 26, 2010

Jacuzzi Boys/Woven Bones split 7''

After the great time I had at the Jacuzzi Boys and Woven Bones show last night, I couldn't help but upload this gem!

It was my first time seeing Woven Bones live and they didn't disappoint - the same reverberated/destroyed sound was perfectly replicated live and the drumming (featuring a new female drummer who's pretty cute) was simple yet mind blowing! Lead singer was kind of a dick to the sound guy though...

As for the Jacuzzi Boy's set, it was, as always, rowdy as hell! People bopping every where, bras were thrown on stage, little hipster girls were climbing the stage showing off their alcoholic beverages and cigarettes! Gabriel had that wild coyote look in his eyes as he jammed out a psychedelic guitar storm to the swirling drums. Good times! Jacuzzi Boys playing locally is definitely something to not miss

Anyway, I figured this split 7" would be appropriate after such a show. Side A has the more mellow Jacuzzi Boys we all know and love while on Side B the Woven Bones jam out a demonic, fuzzed out, angsty tune to destroy your ears

Try it

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