Friday, April 22, 2011

The Tradional Fools (Ty Segall) - 7" + rare demos!

Boy HOWDY! Just when I was going to give up on finding new music I came across the hard to find Traditional Fools 7" along with...... (are you ready? is your body ready?) unreleased Traditional Fools demos/alt recordings! Holy fuck! The 7" is awesome, more surfy than their s/t 12", but they really shine on their "straight foolishness" demo tape with songs like Street Surfing. Ty Segall recently reunited The Traditional Fools for a Burger Records show, hopefully they'll stay together and release something new. Next up I'll post Ty Segall's Live at Aisle 5 (in flac)

Try it (straight foolishness)

Try it (7")

Monday, April 18, 2011

Blog Scene Is Dead

I think it's time to hammer the final nail on the blog scene's coffin..... all the good blogs are dead or are posting nonsense now.... everything is so different. Nothing gets leaked anymore.

Take my advice kids, download Soul Seek and find music on there, music sharing blogs are pretty much dead. I'll keep going as long as I can...

Speaking of which, I have a huge and RARE Traditional Fools/Ty Segall post coming your way!

Secret Attackers

Interesting mix of eletronics/8-bit sounds and pop-punk. Worth checking out (

Eric August

Minimal electronics.... kinda video game soundtrack-ish. I'm not very well versed in the whole electronic scene, so you'll have to forgive my lack of eloquence.

Eric used to release music under various monikers (Psychic Attack of The Psyduck, Kels Backyard).

Download his album for free on his bandcamp (

Hear Hums - Psyche Cycles

Pretty cool Psychedelic band from Gainesville, Florida....

From what I hear Gainesville actually has a pretty good music scene up there..... kinda weird, but I believe it. Anyway, check out Hear Hums playing live and buy their new album which is being released soon!

Hear Hums - Toward Above from Digital Protein on Vimeo.

tour dates are listed below:

5/6 - Charleston, South Carolina w/ Coma Cinema (House Show)

5/7 - Wilmington, North Carolina w/ Libraries, Gross Ghost (Gravity Records)
Presented by Get Off The Coast

5/8 - Greensboro, North Carolina w/ Andrew Weathers, Three Brained Robot (House Show)

5/9 - Charlottesville, Virginia w/ Teen Dreams, Funland Superquest (Magnolia)

5/10 - Richmond, Virginia w/ Tungs, Floating Colors, Seamonster, Everybody Yay (Sprout)

5/11 - Baltimore, Maryland (Metro Gallery)
Presented by Friends Records

5/12 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania w/ Arches

5/13 - Boston

5/14 - Boston w/ Dark Sea of Awareness

5/15 - New York w/ Yvette (Death By Audio)

5/16 - Brooklyn, New York w/ Psychic Reality, and Tooth Ache (Cameo)

5/17 - New York (Cake Shop)

5/18 - Queens, New York w/ Dustin Wong, Emily Reo, Philip Seymour Hoffman, and Dark Sea of Awareness (Silent Barn)

5/20 - Montreal, Quebec
w/ Miracle Fortress at Torn Curtain Presented by Arbutus Records

5/21 - Toronto, Quebec
Presented by Snakes + Ladders

5/23 - Nashville, Tennessee w/ Conestyle

5/24 - Knoxville, Tennessee w/ Coolrunnings

5/25 - Asheville, North Carolina w/ Aswara, Eleven And The Falcons, and Doc Aquatic (BoBo Gallery)

5/27 - Athens, Georgia w/ Blithe Field, Brothertiger, and Whale Zombie

5/28 - Atlanta, Georgia