Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Women - No Reasons

This is a pretty interesting mix of hardcore punk and garage punk, leaning more towards the Kommie Kilpatrick kind of punk. It's fast, aggressive, loud, and messy! This is the groups second release which can be purchased at The purchase includes immediate download in any format you desire plus the limited edition vinyl and two bonus songs!

The whole album has a total 80's/90's hardcore punk sound and complete "fuck you" attitude that you've come to love about punk. The cover (which is pretty awesome) pretty much depicts this album perfectly - two similar things spliced together in the most gruesome fashion to form something that could sort of work (a music frankenstein?). Drunkenly belted vocals, aggressive guitar and drums, and songs that fall under the two minute mark are what you can expect and you'll love every minute of it. Garage gutter punk for the don't-give-a-fuck teen in you.

Try it

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