Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Trite music

Raffa Jo Harris

Avoid that person's music at all costs.... the cute girl folk bullshit has worn out it's welcome years ago....


  1. this is a bizarre and senseless post. i don't care for Raffa's music either but this comes off as idle, non-constructive, and mean-spirited. it's one thing to give a negative 'review' (giving this 'blurb' more credit than it's due as it's barely two complete sentences) in the course of covering a performance or record, but to boldly and self-importantly declare "this person's art is bad," without giving the reader any insight (at all) into the music at hand, reeks of laziness.

  2. The music doesn't deserve any more thought than what I put into it - "trite" is the best word to describe it.

    Let me put it this way; I fell asleep (not on purpose) at one of her shows... To her credit though, it was probably one of the best naps I've had in a while. At any rate, I hope you keep coming back and enjoying the music I post!