Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Snakehole Interview

It's crazy how big a band can get in such a short amount of time, but in this bands case it's obvious to see why; heavy surf (at times) inspired garage punk with aesthetic elements of riot grrrl is an instant win in my book! The live show with Tyvek this past weekend was dirty, sonically abrasive, and filled with sexual innuendo! Perfect for the Churchills' crowd. Minute long jam sessions/song intros followed by wailing on the mic and spastic drums was the perfect complement to Tyveks set afterwards.

- How'd you ladies get started as a band?

We met one night at a monster truck rally, when we noticed we all had on the same metallica t-shirt (ride the lightning), at the beer stand, and we were all head-banging 'nsync and thought we could be onto something here... and then we just started hanging out a lot and figured out how to play instruments.

- Being an all-girl band, I'm sure the assumption has been made that you're a "riot grrrl" band. Do you identify this way? Or prefer to have the gender factor ignored?

Anyone that refers to us as a "rrriot girl" band needs to do a few wikipedia searches. That label is attached to a specific period in time and makes no sense to be applied to us just because we are girls. It would be like saying the sound like the stooges sound like The jonas brothers just because they are all dudes. Theres no avoiding what mother nature gave us though, we are also all really bad drivers because we're girls, so look out for us on the road.***

- Since you've started playing, I've noticed as a band you've been quite prolific: Zit Fest, Florida's Dying show, various opening sets for big local and out of state names. What do you attribute the instantaneous success to?

Well, our drummer Sandra, gives really good hand jobs..."the truth is the truth"

- What has the feedback been like at shows?

The guitar amps usually feedback something like..eeeerrrrrhhhhhhhrrrreeegggggghhhhhh eeeeerrrrggghhhhrreeeeeeegggg!!!!!

- Probably a secret for now, but I have to ask.... any talk between the band and labels? Any future releases planned?

We are in the works of doing a cassette release in L.A. with kill/hurt recordings. But currently we're just trying to get some tracks mastered and recorded. So, maybe soooon!

- What are some of your favorite local acts? Have any of them directly influenced you?

Mostly our friends, like Jacuzzi Boys, Electric Bunnies, Dracula, the heartstrings, the ticks and some West Palm Beach bands like, Partial People, Love Handles,Cop City and Orlando's own Slippery Slopes, Erik G. is the best front man in all of Florida.


Well, that's it! I hope you guys enjoyed the interview. Hopefully most of you made it out to support all the local music and Tyvek. Be sure to catch Snakehole performing at Churchills on March 1st with Davila 666!

***I did indeed research this, as suggested (not that I didn't before....), and it seems Riot Grrrl is still active. Genres aren't exclusive to chronology; psychedelic influenced music is still around despite it's origins decades ago. Of course The Stooges sound nothing like The Jonas Brothers however the influence Riot Grrrl has had on Snakehole's music (whether they're aware of it or not) is painfully obvious (Bikini Kill live show).


  1. That Bikini Kill link you've provided seems to prove their point more than yours.... just sayin'.

  2. What do you mean? I'm saying they sound like riot grrl, they're saying they don't. The link I provided sounds just like their live show.

  3. PS: I hope you reply, because I love winning arguments.


    Anything meaningful or thought out to add?

  5. Try citing wikipedia as a source in a college paper. I think a so-called "music snob" can do better than this.

  6. I'll repeat myself (but only once....); Anything meaningful or thought out to add to your baseless argument? It sounds to me like you're taking my response to the bands unnecessarily defensive answer personally.... Friend of the band probably?

    Either way, despite Riot Grrrl also being a movement, it very obviously has noticeable musical characteristics that all of the bands in said movement shared - therefore making it a genre. To say otherwise would be incredibly idiotic. However, you seem to have a niche for really bad baseless arguments so I could see why you're taking the stance that you are....

  7. Which goes into the fact that Snakehole shares some of said characteristics... Lewd sexual puns: snake(phallic) hole(yonic), songs about fucking guys while on their menstrual periods, all to the sounds of a punk aesthetic... boy what does that sounds like? They might not be strictly riot grrrl, but if they (or you...) think that they don't owe anything to that movement, socially and musically speaking, then I truly feel sorry for you guys...

    If it wasn't for kathleen hanna, Snakehole and other all-girl bands wouldn't be able to play in a place like Churchill's without having beer bottles thrown at them.

  8. lyrical content is a weak convention to define a music genre. you seem to be getting pretty heated up about this. u mad bro?

  9. Nice! Only focusing on one point I made, producing a straw-man argument, AND making a reference to a meme from 4chan. You truly are an idiot.

  10. You had other points? So far I see Riot Grrrl = sexual lyrics + girls + punk rock. I dont know bro. You sound mad.

  11. Lyrics involving gender issues, which I left out because that's incredibly obvious. Also, you're still making straw-man arguments while avoiding the points I made and only focusing on minute aspects. Furthermore, you never explained how the Bikini Kill video proved their point (which wasn't a valid one) rather than mine....

    Your argument lacks foundation, evidence/facts, and finesse.... sounds to me like you're the one who's mad if my post had effected you enough to visit my blog (and revisit daily to see if I responded, haha!).

    You're obviously just a jaded Snakehole fan...

    PS: Why so mad?

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