Thursday, March 10, 2011

Solace Media Corporation - Rare Rarities Comp.

What I hold here in my hands (pictured above and at the end of this post) is the Solace Media Corporation's Rare Rarities Cassette compilation which I purchased for a reasonable price considering the amount of work put into the packaging - but I'll discuss that later.... first, lets focus on the music.

It's two cassette's long of, for the most part, harsh noise/drone and sound clips. Endless soundscapes of ritualistic occult gibberish and dark brooding atmospheres. I'm not actually very knowledgeable on the whole experimental noise scene (nor am I that big of a fan) but I always find myself coming back to SMC's releases and listening to them - the more mantra-like songs are pretty trance inducing and catchy. Somewhere buried deep within this release (it's so long that I'm not even sure it's on these cassettes) are a few (or just one) hip-hop song(s).

The packaging, which completely adds to the overall experience and aura of all SMC releases is amazingly creepy. Riddled with a bunch of spanish Jehovah Witness pamphlets and miscellaneous comic book shreds the mildew smelling packaging makes it feel like you're holding some sort of Illuminati grimoire. The packaging alone is worth buying SMC's products - but it does help that the music is really interesting.

SMC is constantly putting out web-only releases for free and even expanded the spectrum of SMC products to include a comedy series and a how-to series....

Check them out below and buy yourself a one of a kind release.


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