Friday, April 22, 2011

The Tradional Fools (Ty Segall) - 7" + rare demos!

Boy HOWDY! Just when I was going to give up on finding new music I came across the hard to find Traditional Fools 7" along with...... (are you ready? is your body ready?) unreleased Traditional Fools demos/alt recordings! Holy fuck! The 7" is awesome, more surfy than their s/t 12", but they really shine on their "straight foolishness" demo tape with songs like Street Surfing. Ty Segall recently reunited The Traditional Fools for a Burger Records show, hopefully they'll stay together and release something new. Next up I'll post Ty Segall's Live at Aisle 5 (in flac)

Try it (straight foolishness)

Try it (7")

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