Monday, May 16, 2011

Thousands - S/T

Thanks goes to Omar K. for this one. It's not often I see a band email me such a sincere message....

Thousands is an intensely epic post-rock band out of Boston. They give me Godspeed You! Black Emperor vibes and at times even Orchid vibes (before the build up to all the screaming of course, see "...And the Cat Turned To Smoke" for an example of what I mean). Nothing but amazing music is what I sense from these guys. I would love a little more experimentation in the form of Godspeed's field recordings but that might be too derivative.... either way well worth downloading.

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  1. Is their anymore info on this band? Links, releases, label,...?

  2. My band, Thousands, has been playing shows sporadically in Boston for
    a couple of years now. We were always pretty focused on the material
    itself and so, until recently, never put too much effort into having
    an internet presence. We would almost always be the band on bills
    with no myspace links or a website or what have you. We decided to
    start recording a two song EP last August, and after a pretty long and
    slow process, just recently got it mastered.

    We're a three piece, instrumental band. Guitar, bass, and drums.
    We've gotten a little bit of a following here in Boston as we've all
    been part of the music community in one way or another for years.
    People have told us that we have moments comparable to bands like
    Russian Circles, Shellac, Don Caballero, and others, but I honestly
    always feel a little bit strange about classifying my own band. We've
    gotten some really great reviews and feedback from live shows.

  3. That's what they wrote in their email to me. I'm sure you can contact them via their bandcamp. It seems to me like this is their first foray into the internet realm as far as networking goes. Hope that helped.