Monday, August 9, 2010

Bunker Hill - Singles Collection

Former gospel singer with a roaring voice as strong Metatrons' (get it? gospel singer, bible joke?). I've only come across something that was released so early and still heavy and punk-like as this a few times (Los Saicos and The Phantom)....

This is a collection of his singles I've gathered and compiled into one zip file for you guys. One of the singles, Friday Night Dance Party is credited towards Link Wray, but since it's Bunker Hill that's singing (Link rarely sings) I figured I'd add it on's also my favorite one, so....

At any rate, enjoy!

Try it


  1. Link Wray and the Ray-Men are the backing band on these tracks, which adds to the badass raw sound.

    "Friday Night Dance Party" is actually Link Wray song, but Bunker Hill covered it.

    If you already knew all of this, disregard my bullshittery.

  2. Damn, i didn't know that about Friday Night Dance Party. I originally thought that one was just Bunker - but I can't find an mp3 of Link's original version online. :(