Monday, August 9, 2010

Lil Daggers - Unmastered Demos

South Florida is just thriving with awesome music lately. These guys just released (or will soon, not sure) their King Corpse (Korpse? I've seen different sources with different spellings) 7". I came across this, which is the same release just unmastered, and it still sounds fucking amazing! These guys rival the Jacuzzi Boys in terms of raw, unfiltered garage punk energy. They accompany the broody vocals with a creepy church organ and stomping drums. All tracks on this 7" are completely amazing, however, Devil You Know is too fucking good!

"I like my drinking ffffffffffast, and my dancing slooooooooooooow"!

Try it


  1. hey, i really wanna download the stuff you post, but i have a mac and it won't take rar. files. :(

  2. my gf used to have the same problem, I found her a program that is compatible with macs and rars. I forgot what it's called, but if you google "rar program for macs" i think you'll find it...

  3. lol the lil daggers?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? they're "garage"? news to me. I thought that "shit" was its own genre.