Friday, May 7, 2010

American Football - s/t

Perfect album...... that's all I'd like to say, honestly. However, part of running a blog is voicing my opinion in a more in depth manner so.....

I'd like to start with the album cover. It says so much about the emotion behind the album - which is what a good album cover should evoke, I suppose. It has a very nostalgic feeling. Perhaps it was the singers home when growing up? My interpretation is that of an ex-boyfriend looking up, longingly, at his former girlfriends house. Perhaps he's trying to get her back by playing guitar or something? I dunno, but it's sweet...

As for the music it's really mellow math-rock influenced emo. I'm assuming everyone understands that when I say "emo" I mean actual emo: 90's emo. Not the mindless dribble that get's tagged with emo. The guitar and layering in "Never Meant" is so amazing. Some songs feature a sax or something and it surprisingly fits in really well.


  1. Its a stunning album. Very post-rock at times.

  2. Very true! I love this album. :)