Saturday, May 22, 2010

Modest Mouse - Tube Fruit, All Smiles, and Chocolate (rare early cassette release)

So, I stumbled upon this on 4chan of all places. The guy won it on an ebay auction for an unspoken amount of money (I'm guessing around $200) and he decided to upload it for everyone! It's, from what I understand, the FIRST demo tape Modest Mouse recorded. I believe less than 100 copies were made. It's very self-indulgent in sound - similar to Jeff Mangum's early tapes. Most songs are spastic 30 seconds of artistic leakage from the lead singers brain. Speaking of the lead singer; he's all I hear on the tape. Perhaps it was a solo thing? Anyway, I can't say I'm a huge Modest Mouse fan, if at all, but I'm one that can greatly appreciate hearing something so intimate like this.

Try it


  1. Its amazing hearing rough versions of riffs that turn into different songs on releases down the road, thatnks for the post this is awesome

  2. No problem dude. Glad you enjoyed it!