Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Band In Heaven - Demo

I've been meaning to post this up since last week! This is a shoegaze band from Orlando called The Band In Heaven. They, of course, give off MBV vibes and everything, but I sense something else buried under everything - I sense a Black Tambourine/Noise Pop influence. Fuzz drooling amps pulse as the dreamy vocals sweep in and completely surround you. I hear a keyboard on top of everything which adds a nice touch. The vocals are really on point. "Tunnel into Your Dreams" has dual male/female vocals which are always an awesome thing with a genre that gives off hazy/dreamy vibes like shoegaze. Their cover of The Cranberries "Dreams" is so incredibly epic and if you're not into shoegaze, at least check that song out. The three song demo ends with "High Low" which is my least favorite of the songs featured in the demo. I can see a lot of growth for the band and I'm sure they've got something planned to release soon, so be sure to check them out!

Post Script; if anyone can guess what angel I decided to use for the picture I'll....I dunno...I'll post anything you request

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  1. we got a submission from them last week too. the first two tracks are solid, but the vocals in "high low" are pretty terrible. still debating if i want to post it or not