Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Sunshine Fix - A Spiraling World of Pop

I'm on a cassette roll! This is the first album Bill Doss (most famous for being in the Olivia Tremor Control) recorded under the moniker "The Sunshine Fix". This tape actually predates The Elephant Six Recording Company; it was recorded sometime while Doss was in high school and then later re-released with the E6 stamp of approval. This tape really evokes that sort of "friends banding together to make something awesome" feeling that most listeners of anything from E6 are familiar with. Except for the song "Leonard Upon Entering the Fish Market" - there's nothing too crazy or abrasive like Jeff's early tapes... just awesome fuzzy pop songs.

Try it

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  1. Gaaah I want this cassette so badly my life would be complete! Well, not complete, but still I'd be like :D