Friday, May 14, 2010

Top Surprise - Everything Must Go

Pug Records, a new label located in Brazil, has just released this awesome tape from a band called Top Surprise. They play a brand of shitgaze with an influence in pop-punk. The vocals are great as far as the lo-fi aesthetic goes - sounds like they're coming out of blown out speakers. The fuzzy guitars lazily sway back and forth and meld perfectly with the hollow drums. I'm not sure if the band is from Brazil, but all the vocals seem to be in english. It'd be nice (assuming they're from brazil) if they had some songs in their native tongue as it's always nice to listen to music in another language. The tape ends with a folky Jeff Mangum-esque song. All in all it's a solid tape and I look forward to seeing this band mature

The record label, which I mentioned earlier, just started out. This is their second release and apart from producing awesome handmade lo-fi tape releases they actually offer all the music they have (except for their distro stuff) for FREE. That's right, they actually support blogs and agree that, without this sort of attention, most underground bands might not reach as much people....

Make sure to check out their other release and also take a look at what they're offering at their distro because they have some REALLY great tapes for sale like Beat Happening, Tiger Trap, and a few under-appreciated Elephant 6 bands!

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