Monday, February 1, 2010

Art For The Eyes

Eugene Hütz!! This guy has so much style it's almost impossible to replicate it. I tried to really capture Eugene's style in this piece. I'm pretty happy with this drawing overall. I actually sold it.... Perhaps I'll do another one?

This particular one came to being in a time when I would lurk scene girls myspace profiles to find pictures for reference. Probably one of my best water color pieces to date. No technique involved, I just fooled around with the paint for awhile.

This watercolor piece I did on a whim. Browsing a friends photo album on facebook I come across this picture that's kinda sad and funny at the same time. Sad because it's someone getting their hair buzzed off for the Army; funny because of the dollop of hair they decided to take a picture of before shaving it all off. I played around with the colors on the face after realizing I'm not quite sure how to capture skin tone at times, but I'm pretty satisfied with the result.

1 comment:

  1. Love these. I want the first one in my house, above my mantle. That is, if I had a mantle. Or a house...