Saturday, February 13, 2010

Fantastic Magic - Witch Choir

Quite the treat for those of you who enjoy mind altering psychedelia!! I stumbled upon this release a while ago on Id Reverberations and I didn't really give it the listen this release deserves. I'm hooked. This cassette wavers from moments of anxious, schizophrenic jabbering to calm, peaceful surf pop influenced harmonizing. I listen to this when I want something relaxing but not mind numbingly boring. I'd recommend this to anyone to listen to while sober or on drugs. It's probably better while on drugs (specifically LSD) actually, but I wouldn't know.

A surprising tid-bit is that Nathan, mastermind behind Wavves, was a part of this, now defunct, band! Who knew he'd go from awesome, drone-y, psychedelic, folk pop to slightly mediocre (although catchy) lo-fi noise pop? Oh well....still a fan of both bands!

Try it

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  1. dude when i heard wavves retarded ass was in this i was suprised too. I guess he just follows trends really hard..