Monday, February 1, 2010

The Twerps - s/t cassette

One of my favorite releases from last year! The Twerps, an Australian Lo-Fi Pop band featuring hollow drums, jangly guitars and soft spoken vocals with a bit of emotional bite in the lyrics. They have a really melodramatic, introverted feel. Definitely better suited for nights when you're alone rather than on the way to some party. Simple guitar rhythms weave in and out over muffled vocals and tape hiss. Some songs, like "Dance Alone", evoke a completely different time period with lyrics revolving around asking girls to dances and punching kids named "joe" - not to mention the spoken word verses with a 50's/60's twang to them. It's as if Ponyboy started making music instead of saving kids from burning buildings and inadvertently killing his friend as a result.

Try it


  1. thanks for posting this, not sure if you've already seen this but they put this out a few months ago -

  2. Yeah! I've been trying to find it. Have you listened to it? Is it good?

  3. You should check it out, along with a few other bands like Dick Diver, Love Of Diagrams, Beaches, Parading and Woollen Kits.

    send us an email if you want me to send you a cd of OZ stuff you might dig,

  4. So desperate for this cassette, any chance of re-uploading?