Monday, February 1, 2010

Review: Endless Fields of Poppy

I wasn't sure what I'd expect when I took a listen to this album by The Curiously Strong Peppermints, but it's safe to say anyone that loves the Elephant 6 Collective will fall in love with this psychedelic pop band! It's like finding a new E6 band! The songs have a very close resemblance to early Olivia Tremor Control; classic Beatle-esque pop songs with a few hits of acid and some fuzz. Instrumentation is nice, I can hear a lot of fuzzy bass, some keys, guitar, reverb - everything you'd need on a musical, psychedelic journey.

Vocals remind me of early Marbles, fronted by Robert Schneider (of Apples in Stereo fame), very nasally and goofy, but fitting. The harmonizing on some tracks is really nice and brings back memories of 60's pop bands. Lyrics (on the tracks that stuck out to me) dealt with surreal subjects, math, and politics(?).

It was mentioned in my previous post that this album was recorded in various locales and it adds a lot of character to the production. No one really likes a super sleek production, or at least I'd like to hope not - it's too boring that way!! HEY, YOU SHITTY MAINSTREAM BANDS OUT THERE! ADD SOME FUZZ!!!!

Stand out tracks include; "Oh Me, Oh My", "Colorwheel", and "Our Princess Is In Another Castle".

All in all, I say it's worth a purchase of the physical release. If you'd like to hear a sample, simply go to my previous post about this band and click "try it". If you enjoy the album, please support the artists and purchase it!

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