Monday, February 15, 2010

Local Focus; MC Jumanji

I met this character about two years ago at a friends house and I've watched him grow from someone who simply enjoyed going to raves and parties, to a pretty prolific MC and the center point of most of the parties he used to attend. So, I scored an interview with my buddy here over wine and Mauro's Pizza.

Royal Jelly: When did you start your journey into the world of MCing?
Jumanji: I've been doing this shit since I was 7. It always starts young when you're really passionate about something

: Who would you say are your biggest inspirations?
J: Growing up is was Jay-Z, but as I started getting into Electronic music it's been MC Fearless. I draw from a lot of different things, I dont want to focus too much on one music movement or scene.

RJ: How do you feel about the music down here in South Florida?
J: I love it! Drum and Bass, Dubstep - it's given me an outlet to properly express myself as an MC. As far as the Dubstep scene goes, I consider myself a pioneer for it down here in South Florida.

RJ: For those of us that don't know exactly what being an MC entails, please explain what goes on.
J: As an MC (Master of Ceremonies) you basically host, makes announcements, etc. You're the voice of the party. The art of being being an MC is tying the event to the music. You're the bridge between the music that's already been recorded (DJ's) and the live event via free styling over said music. The anatomy of an MC includes a big personality, a likeable voice (you dont wanna hear some annoying ass voice all night at a party) and talent.

RJ: Any perks you get from MCing all these parties?
J: Free drinks! Haha!

RJ: Do you see yourself doing this long-term?
J: Yeah, there's nothing more satisfying than being on stage a performing. I'd like to keep this up as long as possible.

Well, there you have it. MC Jumanji is going to be at Ultra Music Festival for his second time this year and you can catch him a Vagabond hosting "Get Low" and at Club Cinema hosting "Down".


  1. giving 0 fucks.


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